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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Saturday, November 24, 2001]


{{Part of the Surreptitious Machinations story arc.}}
Doctor "O": Your time is up, Prof. Wisebottom. Your resistance is destroyed. Your troops decimated. You belong to us.

Prof. Wisebottom: That is where you are wrong, Doctor O. The final nail has been driven. The Empress' reign of terror is all but finished.
Socrates: Yeah!

Doctor "O": Infidel! How dare you blasphere --
Voice (off-panel): Enough, Doctor O!

[[Empress Trudy's shadow can be seen on the back wall.]]
Empress Trudy (off-panel): I will handle this myself.
Sydney and Wisebottom: <<!>>

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