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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Wednesday, December 26, 2001]


[[Trudy talking with Empress Trudy in Trudy's appartment]]
Trudy: How could I let myself deteriorate-
[[Empress Trudy slaps Trudy]] <<SLAP>>
Empress Trudy: IMBECILE!

Empress Trudy: We don't have time to waste on whether you age gracefully! This is your moment! Do not WASTE it!

Empress Trudy: For years, you've squandered precious resources on petty revenge and tricks. I came back to set you STRAIGHT, to redefine your PURPOSE.

Empress Trudy: At long last, we will achieve our destiny: WORLD DOMINATION!
Trudy: Um... You're SCARING me...

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