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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Friday, December 28, 2001]


[[Trudy and Empress Trudy talking at Trudy's appartment]]
Empress Trudy: Everything you've done before I called you is POINTLESS, mere practice. Now is the time to forget past failures and concentrate on the future.

Trudy: I HAVE plans...
Empress Trudy: But not SOLID ones. They are loose and disorganized. Tonight, they will COALESCE.

Empress Trudy: Tonight, I will show you why Nick is the key. I will show you why Ki is so dangerous, and I will show you why Dwayne and Fooker don't matter.

Empress Trudy: Where are you going?
Trudy: To get a note pad, so I can take some notes.
Empress Trudy: And leave EVIDENCE? Moron!!!

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