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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Sunday, January 20, 2002]


[[Nick, Ki, and Fooker inside Nick's the car, after picking up Fooker from the airport]]
Ki: So, Fooker... how was your trip?
Fooker: Not bad, Ki. It was... FUN.

Nick: So where did you go? You never told us...
Fooker: Oh, uh... to visit an old friend.

Fooker: We used to be so alike... like looking into a mirror...
Nick: Funny you should mention that... last night, we-

[[Dodging a passing fire truck]]

Ki: Man, that fire truck's in a hurry.
Nick: They're turning onto West Centre Drive...

Nick: That's where GPF is located...
Ki: Follow 'em, just in case...

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