General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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{{Persephone tells how Fred disappeared.}}
Persephone: Fred knew the police would get a warrant to search our apartment, and we would be found if we didn't escape.
[[Apartment manager is shown the warrant by police, and looks surprised.]]

Persephone: Fortunately, he had planned an escape route for emergencies, just in case. Just as the police arrived and bashed in the door...
[[Fred guides Persephone out the window.]]

Persephone: I slipped out the window and into the bushes. I could have sworn Fred was right behind me...
[[Persephone drops from the window, while a shadowy figure looks on.]]

Persephone: I can't imagine what could have happened to him...
[[Trudy emerges from the darkness and slams the window down before Fred can get out.]]

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