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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Friday, February 1, 2002]


{{Persephone tells Fooker of Fred's disappearance.}}
Persephone: Nick and Ki came by to check on us, and found me. We haven't heard from Fred since.

Nick: We know a bunch of your stuff was sent to forensic labs. So who knows where he might be. Your apartment is still a crime scene.

[[Fooker puts his head in his hands.]]
Fooker: Man, this is nuts. Poor Fred...
Nick: We'll keep looking, but if we're looking for a lawyer, too...

[[Silhouette of Nick & Ki and Fooker on opposite sides of the visiting room glass.]]
Fooker: How's Dwayne & Nicole?
Nick: Okay... He's fighting with the insurance company over the building. Nothing's looking good...

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