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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Sunday, February 3, 2002]


[[A prison guard walks an orange jumpsuit-clad Fooker down a hallway]]
Guard: Another visitor, Barker... You sure are popular lately.
Fooker: I'm a TV celebrity, don't you know?

[[In a private meeting cell, the door clicks shut, closing Fooker in with a shadowy figure]]
Amadeus: Good evening, Agent #6
Fooker: Amadeus?!?
Amadeus: We can talk freely. I've arranged for our privacy.

Fooker: I suppose there's little guess why you're here...
Amadeus: You always must do everything "BIG." Don't you? Including this...

Fooker: I'm innocent. You know that.
Amadeus: Just teasing. You have a reputation now that you've exposed Sean Connery as "Moldfinger."

[[The characters shift, with the lighting now exposing Amadeus as Patrick Stewart]]
Fooker: Which reminds me... How is "Star Trek X" coming along...?
Amadeus: Stick to the protocols, Agent #6. And don't you DARE call me "Pat."

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