General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[In a visitation room at the prison.]]

[[Silouhetted Fooker & Amadeus.]]
Fooker: The agency doesn't happen to have any leads on this guy who impersonated me at the mall, does it?
Amadeus: Not really.

Amadeus: Whoever he was, he's a dead ringer for you. If we didn't know you were in Columbia... What did your friends say? They were there.
Fooker: Um...

Fooker: Well, it was kind of weird, about a guy from the future and a killer cyborg. If I didn't TRUST them, I'd say they were NUTS.
Amadeus: Time travel, eh?

Amadeus: We best keep them under surveillance, then. We HAVE been analyzing those metal laced S'mores Packs...
[[Fooker pokes Amadeus' stomach.]]
Fooker: I can tell...

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