General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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{{Title: Surreptitious Machinations Chapter Three: Trials and Tribulations}}
[[The steps of a court house.]]
Reporter: With only a few short weeks left before the trial of Jason Barker, the drama surrounding beleaguered software maker GPF Software continues to unfold.

[[File video of the Fookinator's rampage.]]
Reporter: Barker, GPF's system administrator, is accused of the brutal slayings last month at a local shopping mall, captured in this exclusive Channel 12 footage.

Reporter: Although Barker maintains his innocence, prosecutors are confident in the overwhelming evidence and witnesses lined up against the programmer.

[[File video of fire fighters dousing smoking remains of the GPF building.]]
Reporter: Meanwhile, police have announced they have a prime suspect in the arson case, where the GPF building burned down the night after the attacks. However, the police have not revealed the name of their suspect.

[[An unhappy short-haired poodle sits on a blue cushion, ignoring several doggie toys.]]
Reporter: Coming up after the break: Barker's latest victim? Meet a pet shop poodle traumatized by the mall attacks...

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