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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Before Fooker's trial...]]
Maddie: You KNOW each other?
Fooker: He's the Code-A-Holics Anonymous guy! I was at a session three years ago.

Sedgewikki: And I remember YOU, "Fooker." The "I like to code naked" guy.
Fooker: B-but... you're a LAWYER?!?

[[Close up of Sedgewikki's face]]
Sedgewikki: What, you think Code-A-Holics is my DAY job? I volunteer to help those in need. YOU, I obviously failed to reach. I'm getting you locked away for life... Or WORSE.

Maddie: Good to see he doesn't hold a grudge against you...
Fooker: What is it about me people don't like? I AM likeable, right?

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