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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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Judge from Help Desk is © Copyright 2002, Christopher B. Wright. Used with permission.

[Comic for Friday, March 8, 2002]


[[Nick states his case.]]
Sedgewikki: So it's this CYBORG... From the FUTURE... That appeared in all those S'mores packages?
Nick: Y-yes.
Ki: <<moan...>>

Sedgewikki: And you expect us to believe such tripe in a court of law?
Nick (whimpers): You said I'm under oath... I'm not going to LIE...

Sedgewikki: Your Honor, I move that this man's science fiction delusions be stricken from the record.
Judge: Sustained.

[[Shot of Nick & Fooker, looking very dismayed.]]
Nick (thinks): I'm sorry...
Fooker (thinks): It's okay, dude... You tried.

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