General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[News report about the trial.]]
Reporter: Condemning testimony today in the trial of Jason Barker as neighbor Charles Walker revealed he knew of the attacks beforehand.

[[Footage of a shack in the woods, surrounded by police.]]
Reporter: Following Walker's instructions, police have found the shed where Barker supposedly planned the mall attacks. They have confirmed his fingerprints are on the scene.

[[Fooker's mugshot.]]
Reporter: While it is uncertain whether the judge will allow this new evidence in the case, experts doubt it will be necessary to prove Barker's guilt.

Reporter: And now, tonight's 12 News poll: What sentence should Barker receive if convicted? Here's your answers:
[[Chart shows BARKER SENTENCE: Life in prison -- 42%, Death Penalty -- 13%, Castration -- 12%, Wet Willies -- 5%, Purple Nurple -- 3%.]]

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