General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Nick, dazed, is walking past the 12 News reporter to Fooker's sentencing trial.]]
Reporter: ...Sentencing today in the trial of convicted murderer Jason Barker...

[[Sharon, Ki, and Nicole are taking their seats. Nick is walking in behind them.]]
Sharon: Mrs. Duncan, where's your husband? Is he late?
Nicole: I-I'm sorry... It's just... I... Oh, Dwayne was arrested last night for insurance fraud.

Sharon (shocked): WHAT?! Oh, no...
Nicole: They think that with all GPF's financial issues, he burned down the building to collect the insurance money. I don't know what to do...

Ki: I'm sure it's all just a mistake...
Nicole: No, they had "hard evidence" he did it. He's supposed to be arraigned in a few days, and we can't even make bail...

[[Nick is seated next to Sharon, looking dazed.]]
Sharon: Nick, what have you heard about... Nick?
Nicole: What's wrong with him?
Ki: I don't know, but he's starting to drool.

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