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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Tuesday, March 26, 2002]


[[Trudy is angry that Ki has accused her.]]
Trudy: So NOW I'm the insidious mastermind who somehow framed Dwayne and Fooker...
Ki: I wouldn't be surprised...

Trudy: Honestly, Ki, if I had known my practical jokes would drive you THIS insane...
Ki: Oh, can it, Trudy. I can't prove it NOW, but someday...

[[Trudy begins to walk away.]]
Trudy: Well, you best make it fast, because I'm moving Friday.
Sharon: Moving?
Ki: To her new job, I bet.

[[Trudy shoots a glance over her shoulder.]]
Trudy: I'll be out of your life forever, and you'll be out of mine. Accuse me of whatever you wish, but don't be surprised if you're proven WRONG.

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