General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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{{Ki narrates the strip.}}
[[Nick and Ki visiting Dwayne in jail.]]
Ki: After the sentencing, we went downstairs to see Dwayne. He was really glad to see us, and we were glad to see him.

Ki: I always admired him. Dwayne was our rock, our foundation. He drew us together, gave us purpose. Even in jail, he could hide his pain well. What a trooper.

[[Ki is laughing, Dwayne is smiling.]]
Ki: We told him about Fooker, then assured him Nicole and Sydney were fine. We joked some, and it was good to laugh again. I'd miss laughing.

Ki: I knew he was going to ask, but I hoped he wouldn't. It told me that, deep down, he'd given up, even when he feigned a smile...
Dwayne: So... Any luck finding jobs?

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