General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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{{Ki narrates this strip.}}
[[Ki's phone, on the ground.]]
Ki: First of all, Dad WASN'T dead. Yet. but that was Mom... So far in hysterics she was mixing English, Chinese, and Japanese in an incoherent mess.
Ki's Mom, on the phone: *@#&!

[[Nick consoling Ki.]]
Ki: The accident was horrible, and they didn't expect him to live much longer. Still no word on who the driver was, though now I have my suspicions...

[[Ki crying, looking up at Nick.]]
He knew I had to go. I HAD to be there. I couldn't afford it, but he gave me cash for plane tickets. After all, he now had a job, and I didn't.

[[Ki & Nick walking off.]]
Ki: The rest of the night was a blur... Nick helped me pack, and drove me to the airport. Then came the hardest moment of all...

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