General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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{{Ki narrates this strip.}}

[[Nick watches Dwayne in court.]]
Dwayne's trial was soon after that. Nick saw most of it before he had to move. It wasn't pretty.

[[Dwayne looks down, disappointed, while the judge's gavel slams down.]]
Ki: I know Dwayne was innocent, but the circumstantial evidence was all there was, and it was his word against theirs. Guess who the jury believed.

[[Dwayne's hands are in cuffs.]]
Ki: Since it was a first offense, he really got off light. Just a couple of years in prison. Still, it was enough to scar his reputation. He never fully recovered.

[[Dwayne is led away, while Nicole cries, seeing him off.]]
Ki: Poor Nicole... Left alone with Sydney. They stayed strong, all three, but the strain... I wish I could have been there to help...

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