General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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Future Ki, writing: One by one, they all fell, friends, family, lovers... Some fell to the rest of death, while others fell to darker paths.
[[A slime mold is being zapped by Doctor O in the shadows]]

Future Ki, writing: Now only the few remain... We took a major blow when Fooker died... And poor, poor Dwayne... So senseless in how he went...
[[Future Fooker and Dwayne fighting ]]

Future Ki, writing: And your father... The last to understand, but the first to oppose... He paid the greatest price. If only we had him from the beginning...
[[A photo of future Nick with tears on it]]

Future Ki, writing: If only he knew... He would have been so proud of you, my son. Very proud...
[[Future Ki writing, with Todd seeping in the background]]

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