General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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{{Part of the Surreptitious Machinations story arc. Chapter 5: Random Threads.}}
Blonde guy: Well, Nick, since it's your first day here at JCN, I'll show you around...
Nick: Um... ok.

[[The blone guy gestures to a mostly bald man with glasses typing at his computer.]]
Blonde guy: This is Willy... He's on your design team...
Willy: Don't bother me. I only have 20 more years before I retire.
Willy's keyboard: <<beep! boom! bop!>>

[[They next walk up to a woman with large triangular brown hair.]]
Blonde guy: This is Ally, our secretary...
Ally: I'm an ENGINEER, pig. Look at me funny, and I'll slap you with a harassment suit.

[[At a closed door. The fine print on the door reads: Director - Human Resources. Blonde guy is covering his mouth with his hand as if telling a secret.]]
Blonde guy: And make sure to be careful around Mr. Catberg. He's the evil director of human resources.
Door: <<purr purr>>

Blond guy [[off-panel]]: And here's your cubicle...
Nick's tie: [[tie curls up]]<<poing!>>

Nick [[in desperation]]: NOOOOOOOOOO

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