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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Tuesday, April 16, 2002]


Lou: The standard JCN work week is 32 hours, but we pay double overtime.
Megan [[pointing to a paper]]: Did you sign up for the free dental plan?

Stan: Since it's lunch time, we'll take you to the caf. They have a four-star chef on duty.
Lou: We'll show you the olympic-sized pool and gym on the way.

Megan: The laptop you were issued is used, so you'll get a new one in a few weeks.
Lou [[looking at Nick's computer]]: A Pentium III? Oh, we can't have that!

Megan [[off-panel]]: Call HR about having a T1 line installed in your house for free, in case you need to work from home...
Lou [[off-panel]]: Unless you rent. Then you'll have to share four ISDN lines...
Nick: <<*boggle*>>

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