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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Wednesday, April 17, 2002]


[[Nick, Lou, Megan, and Stan are in the JCN cafeteria.]]
Lou: So is working for a big company different from the small one you were at before?
Nick: So far, definitely.

Nick: I mean, back at GPF, we had to be a lot more careful with waste and expenses. Here, it seems everything is in abundance.
Lou: Heh, GPF.

Megan: Oh, don't think THAT! We've had to cut corners a lot lately.
Stan: We've been hit hard by the downturn as well.

Megan: I mean, the silverware is no longer SILVER!
Stan: And why do you think we have a FOUR-star chef...
Chef: Lobster?
Lou: Grumble, grumble

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