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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[A guard passes by Dwayne's cell]]
Guard: Get your stuff together, Duncan...it's moving day.

[[The guard leads Dwayne onto a bus.]]
Guard: There's been a scheduling conflict, so we have to move you with some prisoners headed to the state max-security prison. Just a minor detour...

[[Dwayne boards the bus.]]
Guard: Stick to the front, away from the others, where it's safer.
Voice off panel: CHIEF!

[[Dwayne turns and sees Fooker]]
Dwayne: FOOKER!

[[Dwayne turns to the guard as an inmate leans towards Fooker]]
Dwayne: Can I sit back here with him? He's an old friend.
Guard: Well...
Fooker: Um, Dwayne, about that nickname...
Inmate: mmm hmmm...

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