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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Monday, April 22, 2002]


[[Fooker & Dwayne are on a prison transport bus.]]
Dwayne: Man, it's great to see you again Foo-- I mean, Jason. Even given the circumstances...
Fooker: Same here.

Fooker: So... They got you too, huh? Let me guess... Insurance fraud.
Dwayne: Yeah... At least we both know we're innocent.

[[Fooker & Dwayne are sitting across from a mean-looking, bald guy.]]
Fooker: Well, while you're here, I'll introduce you to some of my new buds. This is Rocko. He's in for killing a store clerk over $12.15.
Rocko: GRRR...

[[Fooker points to a scarred man over his shoulder, with a mean smile.]]
Fooker: That's Scorpion, who is also known as "The Chicago Strangler," & Miguel, who robbed 6 banks in 3 days.
Dwayne: Maybe you can introduce us later...

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