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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Sunday, April 28, 2002]


[[The bus has crashed and the bus driver staggers to his feet]]
Bus driver: Aw, man... ow...
Fooker: Dwayne? You--
Dwayne [[eyes widen]]: Shh...What's that noise?
<<Honk! Honk!>>

Dwayne: We landed on the railroad tracks down by the river! That horn... there must be a train coming!
Fooker: We have to get out of here!
<<Honk! Honk!>>

[[Dwayne turns to the driver.]]
Dwayne: Hey! You can't just leave us here to die!
<<Honk! Honk!>>

[[The driver looks at the keys in his hand with wide eyes.]]
<<Honk! Honk!>>

[[The driver looks at the guard with the knife in his head, with a surprised expression.]]
<<Honk! Honk!>>

[[The bus driver drops his keys and scowls]]
Bus driver: Screw you dirtbags... you can save yourselves!

<<Honk! Honk!>>

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