General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Ki, in a suit, is holding a wooden spoon while Yoshi drinks from a cartoon.]]
Ki: M'ma! I'm leaving for my job interviews in a few minutes. Yoshi, quit drinking from the carton.
Yoshi: FDisk you.

[[Ki turns to Mrs. Oshiro]]
Ki: Are you sure you'll be okay, home alll alone, M'ma?
Mrs. Oshiro: I won't be alone, Ki. Yoshi is home for the summer.

[[Ki turns to Yoshi, who is using his laptop to surf the internet]]
Ki: If you can get him to look up from his laptop for more than five seconds.
Yoshi: I'm on the WiFi, I'm in here, so deal with it.

[[Ki gestures with the spoon towards Yoshi as Mrs. Oshiro walks onto the panel]]
Mrs. Oshiro: He spends so much time with his online friends, like someone else we know.
Yoshi: Nick the nerd sent you a steamy love letter.
Ki: Get out of my e-mail account!

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