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Chief and Stef from User Friendly are © Copyright 2002, J.D. "Illiad" Frazer. Used with permission.

[Comic for Wednesday, May 8, 2002]


{{Ki interviews with the "User Friendly" guys.}}
Narration: Ki's job interviews:
Chief: Stef. I have to meet with an important client. Can you handle this job interview?
Stef: OK, Chief.

[[In Stef's office.]]
Stef: YOU'RE Ki Oshiro? The one applying for the new tech position?
Ki: Yes. I have another copy of my r?sum? if you need it.

[[Stef is nervous.]]
Stef: Y-you have a nice set of curves--I mean, credentials. Everything is well rounded (your r?sum?, that is). If you're willing to put in long, hard time after hours, I'm sure I'll fit in you nicely.
[[Ki is visibly angry.]]

[[Ki walks out.]]
Ki: I don't think I need this job THAT badly...
Stef: Wait! I CAN score with a tech babe! I even programmed in Visual Basic once! Come back! (Please?)

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