General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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Gwynn and Aylee from Sluggy Freelance are © Copyright 2002, Pete Abrams. Used with permission.

[Comic for Thursday, May 9, 2002]


{{Ki interviews with the "Sluggy Freelance" guys.}}

[[Text: Ki's Job Interviews]]
[[Gwynn and Ki shake hands.]]
Gwynn: Welcome to Ayleeorgnetcom! My name is Gwynn, and I'll be interviewing you.

Gwynn: [[pause as Ki looks at her]] What?
Ki: You... look a lot like someone I know.
Gwynn: Really? How interesting...

[[At Gwynn's desk, they sit down next to a "Devour the Competition" poster]]
Gwynn: Your r?sum? is quite impressive. Our CEO is looking for experts with your skills. Now there's just one last question I need you to answer...

[[Gwynn leans forward, and Ki turns around shocked as Aylee approaches.]]
Gwynn: Do you taste better with Tabasco or barbeque sauce? Say, if you were grilled over an open flame?
Ki: ?!

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