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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Friday, May 10, 2002]


[[Ki lays on her Mom's couch and Yoshi walks in.]]
Yoshi: Wow. Tough day, huh?
Ki: I had six interviews and all were duds. Lots of places are hiring, just not hiring ME.

Yoshi: Mom's at the hospital, checking in on Dad. She said you're fixing dinner.
[[Ki sits up.]]
Ki: Pizza it is, then. She knows I can't cook.

[[Yoshi starts to walk away.]]
Ki: You're not getting online AGAIN, are you?
Yoshi: Haven't been off except to pee and eat. The kids 'round here are too stupid anyway.

Yoshi: Isn't it about time for you to phone home to lover boy?
[[Ki points at Yoshi.]]
Ki: No deathmatches while I use the Netcam, bandwidth hog.

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