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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Ki and Todd, in a laundry room. Ki is holding a fire extinguisher, and looking at a clock reading '8:02'. Todd looks hurt.]]
Todd:Just give me a half hour, and I'll prove I'm telling the truth. If not, you can hit me with the fire extinguisher as much as you want.

[[Ki helps Todd with his arm around her shoulders.]]
Ki: Fine. 30 minutes. But I've got to get you out of the laundry room before my mother and brother see you.

[[Ki helps Todd into the door of a room outside another room with Yoshi in the foreground, typing on his computer.]]
Ki: *whisper* And stop bleeding on the carpet.
Todd: *whisper* Sorry.

[[The door clicks. Yoshi looks around.]]
Yoshi: ?

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