General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Flashback split panel with a robot in the background and Trudy in the foreground holding a small baggie.]]
Todd (narrating): The Empress used a clip of Barker's hair to clone his appearance, then modified a seeker chassis to become the Fookinator.

[[The Fookinator holding a large gun with smoke everywhere]]
Todd (narrating): The cyborg was indistinguishable from the real man. If it left behind DNA evidence, it would be traced to Barker.

[[A fingerprint whorl]]
Todd (narrating): Since DNA cannot replicate fingerprints, she imprinted the cyborg with prints lifted from Barker's apartment. She used the same prints and DNA to imprint the shack where Chuck's "evidence" was found.

[[Ki and Todd sitting across from one another]]
Todd: She also arranged to have the security tapes from both the airport and the chocolate factory "disappear" before Barker's trial.
Ki: I was _wondering_ about that...

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