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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Wednesday, May 29, 2002]


[[Todd explains the future to Ki.]]
Todd: Nick's Velociraptor project will explode with his creativity, and Trudy must isolate him to keep him focused.

[[Nick is building Velociraptor at JCN.]]
Todd (Narrates): Without the influence of his friends, he will withdraw into his work, both accelerating its development and pulling apart his friendships.

[[Nick & Trudy are talking at JCN.]]
Todd (Narrates): Trudy, of course, will be there to share his excitement. With time, she becomes his only confidant, giving her the perfect opportunity...

[[Trudy looks at Nick with a maniacal grin.]]
Todd (Narrates): ...to turn his discovery into a means toward world domination.

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