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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Monday, June 3, 2002]


[[Nick and another silhouette, possibly Fooker, run from a car explosion]]
Todd as narrator: Armed with Nick's knowledge of the Empress's network, the rebellion shares new success. For the first time, her reign is truly threatened.

[[Nick and Ki have sex, a weapon near the bed]]
Todd as narrator: Reunited, you and Nick rekindle your old romance... well, um, maybe "rekindle" isn't the most descriptive term.

[[The Empress stands on a rooftop while smoke rises in the background]]
Todd as narrator: Victory after victory for the rebels ignites unrest... the empress becomes enraged... the rebels must be stopped...

[[A soldier holds Nick down at gunpoint. Fooker pulls Ki away as lasers are fired at them]]
Todd as narrator: So when she strikes, it is at their most valuable, most pivotal point...

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