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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Tuesday, June 4, 2002]


[[A cut and bleeding Nick is led before a shadowy Trudy]]
Todd Narrating: Bruised and bleeding, Nick is brought before his former "friend." For the first time he sees her for what she truly is.

[[Empress Trudy raises Nick's head with a smile on her face, Nick is frowning with one eye swollen shut]]
Todd Narrating: The Empress offers him wealth and power beyond measure for info on the rebels. But it is too late. The betrayer has been betrayed.

[[Empress Trudy turns away in tears as the guards restrain Nick.]]
Todd Narrating: No one knows exactly what is said. They had formed a strange bond. But the outcome is without question...

[[An enraged Empress Trudy has tears streaming down her face, while she aims a pistol at Nick]]
Todd Narrating: The betrayer does not wish to be beaten at her own game.

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