General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[A trio of police bots advance on fleeing rebels. One fires a laser]]
Todd narrating: Mad with grief and rage, the empress intensifies the hunt. Without Nick, the rebels cannot defeat the bots and seekers.

[[A police bot casts its shadow on wall. Fooker is slumped against the wall, dead, with puncture wounds from the police bot's claws]]
Todd narrating: Armed with new technology from Doctor "O", they drive the rebels underground. Loyal heroes began to fall to the advance...

[[Ki, Dexter, Sharon, Dwayne, and a young Sidney are standing with a small group of rebels. Sharon seems to be mourning Fooker]]
Todd: [[narrating]] Each defeat is more devastating than the last. Soon, only a pocket remains. Hope is in short supply...

[[Ki is carrying a young Todd and has a rifle slung on her shoulder]]
Todd narrating: It is into this world I was born, grew up, and lived. And it is this world I hope to destroy...

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