General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Scene: Ki's bedroom. She folds her arms and looks at Todd.]]
Ki: Okay, I'm in. So what am I supposed to do first?
Todd: We must assemble the rest of the GPF group. They are the core to the resistance.

[[Ki puts a finger to her mouth, pensively.]]
Ki: That won't be easy. I have no idea where they are, except Nick.
Todd: We can't confront him until we have evidence against the Empress.

[[Ki lifts a blanket to reveal Persephone, asleep and snoring. Todd looks both surprised and very happy to see her.]]
Ki: The only other person I know where she is...
Persephone: <<Z>>

[[With a big smile, Todd picks up Persephone and hugs her. Ki looks startled.]]
Ki: Oookaaay...
Persephone: This is a most definitely bizarre yet not unagreeable way to wake up...

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