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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Tuesday, June 11, 2002]


[[Ki, Todd, and Persephone are in Ki's bedroom.]]
Narration Text: After Persephone is quickly filled in...
Todd: Now that we have you two, we must find Barker, Duncan, and Fred.
Ki: Again, harder than it sounds.

Ki: Fooker and Dwayne are on the run. If the police can't find them, how do we?
Todd: I think I know how, but it will involve going through the U.G.A.

Ki (shocked): The WHAT?!
Todd: Nevermind. I'll explain later. Right now, we must concentrate on finding Fred.

Ki: But if he's in a forensics lab somewhere...
Todd: Then I know just the man to find him, someone I need to talk to anyway...

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