General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Sam Lestrade is holding a gun at Fooker, Trent, and Dwayne, who are at the end of a water pipe on a dam]]
Sam Lestrade: US Marshall! Give it up, Barker!
Fooker: I didn't kill my wife!

[[view showing the scenery behind the three]]
Sam Lestrade: You don't have a wife!
Fooker: Oh, yeah... but I didn't kill anyone else!

[[close-up of Sam Lestrade]]
Sam Lestrade: I don't care! Now turn around and put your hands on your head!

Fooker: When I count three, get ready to--
Dwayne: You're not going to--

[[Fooker jumps out, holding Dwayne by the wrist]]
Fooker: THREE!
Dwayne: !

[[Sam Lestrade stands with Trent]]
Sam Lestrade: What, you're not going to jump too?
Trent: I'm weighing my options. Prison, death. Prison, death...

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