General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[At a Star Trek Convention, a staff boy hands Patrick Stewart
Amadeus a phone]]
Staff boy: Mr. Stewart, phone.
Amadeus: Thank you.

[[Fooker talking on the phone to Amadeus]]
Amadeus: Hello?
Fooker: Amadeus, it's number six.
Amadeus: Six! Where are you? Is this a secure line?
Fooker: No, and it's probably best you don't know where I am.

[[Close up of Fooker on the phone]]
Amadeus: I have agents combing the country for you. But the FBI has jurisdiction and won't cooperate.
Fooker: I know. I just wanted to touch base. I have some info for you.

[[Amadeus is behind a table with two trekkies waiting in line to get a signature]]
Fooker: I doubt this is a good time...
Amadeus: Hardly.
Trekkie: He's my favoritest captain. After Kirk, of course.

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