General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Dr. Wisebottom is wearing welding goggles and working with a welding torch. Ki and Todd appear in a special effects flash]]
Wisebottom: GAH!

Wisebottom: Ki! How did you get past security? You nearly gave this old man a heart attack!
Ki: Sorry, Uncle Wise, but we had to see you. It's a bit of an emergency.

Wisebottom: And... Do I know you?
Todd: Not yet, but you will soon enough.

Ki: Uncle Wise, this is Todd. He used your time machine to travel from the future.
Wisebottom: WHAT?!

Wisebotttom: Then I will hear nothing he has to say! To hear about the future could create a paradox and disrupt the flow of time!
Todd: Actually, that's kind of the idea...

Wisebottom: Who put such a wild notion in your head, boy?
Todd: You did, sir. Twenty years from now.

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