General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Tuesday, June 25, 2002]


[[Ki & Todd are in Uncle Wisebottom's lab, upstate.]]
Todd: To defeat the Empress, we must reunite the GPF team...
Wisebottom: With your friends Jason and Dwayne on the run, that could prove most difficult.

Ki: Uncle Wise, have you heard from Nick?
Wisebottom: Not lately. We talked some time ago, but he hasn't returned my calls as of late.

Todd: Nor will he. Nick is consumed by his invention by now. We cannot confront him until we have evidence against the Empress.
Wisebottom: Then where do we start?

[[Ki pulls Persephone out of her bag.]]
Ki: Well... Have you seen another one of these?
Persephone: Hiya.
[[Uncle Wise jumps.]]
Wisebottom: ACK! There's ANOTHER one?!
Todd: I take it that's a yes.

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