General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[The members of C.R.U.D.E. discuss their plans in the secret lair. Dr. Nefarious has an evil grin.]]
Dr. Nefarious: Then we will reconvene at the target location in a few weeks. You each have your assignments. Dismissed!

[[Connery watches Trudy leave and Dr. Nefarious notices his hesitance.]]
Dr. Nefarious: Just think, Moldy Boy! In a few short weeks, our long sought goal will be achieved!
Dr. Nefarious: What? Still sulking over Trueheart's induction?

Connery: And how her scheme has bested all our own. I still don't--
Dr. Nefarious: --trust her, I know. But the kid's a natural. If her plan works, we'll off her and take the credit.

[[Dr. Nefarious puts an arm around Connery. Connery notices Trudy leaning against a wall, leering at them with an eviller grin than usual.]]
Dr. Nefarious: So relax! Either way, we'll end up on top. She's just another pawn to dispose of.
Connery: Right game, Doctor, but wrong piece.

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