General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Todd, Ki, and Persephone are hiding in an alley.]]
Todd: This is taking too long...
Ki: Well, he can't go too quickly, or he'll look even more suspicious...
[[Prof. Wisebottom leaves the compound, and waves to the security guard.]]
Ki: There he is!

[[Prof. Wisebottom meets up with Ki, Todd, and Persephone in the alley. He pulls a green slimemold from his pocket.]]
Wisebottom: It took some time to get it past the security cameras, and if I'm found out, I'll never work here again, but...
Ki & Persephone: FRED!
Fred (weakly): *Koff* Hi, guys.

[[Persephone & Fred embrace.]]
Fred: That sterile lab was stifling. I really need some recoop time in Fooker's cesspool.
Ki: All in good time. We have work to do first.

Todd: Now we need to find Barker and Duncan.
Wisebottom: With half the police in the country after them, it'll be quite a challenge.
[[Fred notices Todd for the first time.]]
Fred: Who's this guy?

[[Ki ponders the situation.]]
Ki: Well, if I were Fooker, didn't know where my friends were, and were desperate to reach someone, I bet I know where I'd start...

[[Sharon looks frustrated and angry.]]
Fooker (on the other end of the line): FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T HANG UP AGAI-- Click!
[[Sharon slams the phone down.]]

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