General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Trudy looks at her two-way radio angrily.]]
Narration Text: Also meanwhile...
Trudy (thinks): Where IS that blasted Chuck? Why won't he answer my call?

[[Trudy looks happy, grinning at Nick.]]
Trudy: Hi, Nick! All ready?
Nick: Uh, yeah, Trudy. Think I got everything, although the prototype still needs work...

[[Trudy leans in and touches Nick's shoulder.]]
Trudy: Don't be silly! The demo you gave was excellent! And when we get to New York, you'll blow them away too!
Nick: I guess... Still, I'd rather be in the lab...

[[Trudy puts her arm around Nick and walks out with him.]]
Trudy: Nonsense! Now is the time to show off your genius! I'll introduce you to some folks DYING to see your work! Oh, look! Our seats are together on the plane! Tee hee!

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