General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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Todd narrating: I will always remember that day...
Todd continues: one of the happiest days of my life.

[[Ki embraces Fooker while Dwayne looks on. The guys are in yellow prisoner jumpsuits.]]
Todd narrates: The reunion was amazing. These were more than coworkers; more importantly, they were friends.

[[Dexter is angry. Sharon, standing next to him, is anxious
worried. Fooker, standing by himself and looking at Dexter & Sharon, is also anxious
Todd narrates: Of course, there were a few tense moments...

[[Wisebottom ponders the bear Wallace T. Bruin, who is pondering Fred. Ki is presenting Fred to Dwayne, who is shocked.]]
Todd narrates: And some awkward introductions...

[[We get a panoramic view of the the characters: (from left) Dexter, Shraron, Fred, Dwayne, Ki, Fooker, Persephone, and Wisebottom.]]
Todd narrates: But to me, they were all *legends*. Names I grew up worshipping, here in the flesh.

[[Todd cringes]]
Todd narrates: My only hope was they could live up to the legends...

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