General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Todd, Ki, Maddie O'Hara, Fooker, Nick, Sharon, Dexter, Trent and Dr. Wisebottom crowd around as Fooker hands out equipment.]]
{{A few minutes later...}}
Fooker: Okay. Put this gear on. From here on out, you're all temporary U.G.A. agents.

[[In the background, Maddie hands Ki a bundle]]
Fooker: Because of your knowledge, the troops have been instructed to follow your commands, within reason.

[[Sharon, Trent and Wisebottom listen to Fooker]]
Fooker: Trent, because you know Trudy's brain the best, you'll come with me to the U.N. The rest of you will try to reach Nick at the Statue of Liberty.

Dexter: Kewl... our own army!
Sharon: Note to self: burn Dexter's copy of "Command and Conquer" that he left in my apartment.

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