General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Team Alpha is gathered around Fooker and the plans]]
Fooker: Team Alpha to the statue: keep in mind that while Nick is the primary objective, his device *must* be deactivated.

[[Fooker holds up a gun]]
Fooker: According to Todd, the device emits an EM field that not only powers their weapons, but also scrambles our electronics. Nothing higher tech than this gun will function in its radius.

Fooker: Team Beta will do its best to distract from the statue fight and keep their forces busy. Once the device goes down, their weapons will go offline and they'll be defenseless.

Dwayne: Fooker, I've misjudged you. You're a better leader than I thought.
Fooker: And you are better than me, which is why you're in charge of Team Alpha.
Dwayne: I *am*?

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