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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Tuesday, July 23, 2002]


[[Trudy and Dr. Nefarious in floating device. The Doctor points at a bearded delegate.]]
Random UN delegate: We will never surrender to you monsters!
Dr. Nefarious: I don't like him. Somebody vaporize him!

[[Trudy is holding a small radio.]]
Dr. Nefarious: Problem, Stratego?
Trudy: Moldfinger reports some sort of opposition force is attacking our troops!

Dr. Nefarious: *Blast!* The U.G.A.!
Trudy: The *what?*
Dr. Nefarious: Nevermind. They should never have interfered.

Dr. Nefarious {{with a Dramatic Point}}: Engage the device! We'll fry their tails and send them cryin' home ta Momma! The rest of you keep the delegates hostage. We're going to war!

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