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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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Agent #18: Remember, stay in the back, where it's safest. Let the troops clear a path for you first.
Ki: Right.

Agent #36 (over headset): Agent #18! We've -BZT- encountered strong resistance!
Agent #18: To be expected, #36. #6 said they had alien weapons...

Agent #36 (over headset): But sir! They -GRZT- also appear to have personal force fields! Our bullets are jRZFt bouncing off! GZRT!
Dr. Wisebottom: Nick's device must be active...
[[Ki is startled by something offscreen.]]

[[A shadow falls over the group.]]
Agent #18: Do your best, #36. We need a clear path to the crown!
Agent #18: Blast! Lost the signal!
Ki: Um, sir... I th-think we have a BIG problem.

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