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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Wednesday, July 31, 2002]


Dr. Nefarious: Hee hee! We're mopping the streets with them!
Trudy: Got a message coming in from Dr. Not.
[[Todd FOOFs in behind them]]

Trudy: She's saying the statue is under attack!
Todd: Hiya! Happy birthday!
[[He hands a package to Dr. Nefarious]]
Dr. Nefarious: ?

[[Todd FOOFs back out, waving cheerily. Dr. Nefarious is left confused, holding the package]]
Trudy: If they reach the crown and deactivate the device, our entire assault crumbles!

Trudy [[on walkie-talkie]]: Moldfinger! Eliminate the U.G.A. here! We're on our way to the statue!
Dr. Nefarious: Oof!
[[He drops the package]]

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