General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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Renata, Kevin, and Ferris from Newshounds are © Copyright 2002, Thomas K. Dye. Used with permission.

[Comic for Friday, August 2, 2002]


[[In the distance, Fooker is still hanging onto the "flying jar" being driven by Trudy and Nefarious. The box Todd gave Nefarious drops and bounces onto a rooftop, where the Newshounds team just happens to be standing]]
Ferris: Hey! That package fell outta that hover thingy and landed on the roof!

Kevin: You're not going to...
Renata: You bet your doggie biscuits I'm going to!
[[Renata whips out a knife and opens the package]]

[[Kevin paws through the items in the package]]
Kevin: What is this stuff? Security videos from an airport and a chocolate factory, a journal, miscellaneous metal parts...
Renata: Gimme that!
[[She grabs the journal away from Kevin]]

[[Renata reads the journal]]
Renata: "How I Plan to Take Over the World, by Trudy Trueheart."
[[Meanwhile, Ferris has found what's left of the Fookinator]]
Ferris: Kewl! A cyborg head! Can I keep it?

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